Bears Book

I’ve only recently been introduced to The Bear Hug Company through social media but I know already this won’t be the last of my purchases from them, from clothes to artwork, beanies to books, this company is definitely diverse. What drew me to their illustrations was the fact that they feature two of my favourite animals in art work: the wolf and the stag. I’ve already got a lovely stag print from an artist on Etsy in my collection so I steered away buying some art work to go on the wall. I was definitely tempted to buy some clothing from them too, before I saw the Bears Book in the accessories section. The description stated that you would get a book of bear drawings as well as some A5 prints of other artwork, at a price which was very reasonable. I’ve been looking for a while to have some more books to look through as there’s nothing better than to cosy up on the sofa, drink a cup of tea and lose yourself in the pages.

The book came really quickly, and I was excited when opening the package to see the drawstring bag with the first of the many amazing bear illustrations I would see on the front. Printed on thick, semi glossy pages with the company logo embossed on the cover, this book outstrips the label of an accessory and quickly takes the stage to become the main event. The novelty of opening the bag and opening the book to find your selection of prints inside was so exciting and it is clear each artefact has been produced to a very high quality. Inside the cover of the book is a signature from the artist Luke Dixon and a handwritten edition number, making each book completely individual. What follows is eight different bear illustrations, each of which have been created using different resources and showcase the different styles of the artist.

20160113_094434  20160113_094159

Bear number fifteen has to be one of my favourites because of the vibrant colours and the energy in the image is palpable. The accompanying quotes contribute to this idea of energy however instead of being directly relevant to the bear, instead they aim to relate to you as a viewer by drawing on experiences that you might have had. Each statement begins with ‘it’s when’, which creates a real sense of consistency and bonds all the different artwork together.


I was overjoyed to see that the image I considered buying as a piece of artwork for the wall was included as an A5 print. Wolfwalk as shown below, features an illustration of a wolf seemingly stalking prey. The image doesn’t convey how vibrant the colours actually are and the intense atmosphere it creates. As you continue to gaze at the wolf you begin to feel both in awe and unsettled by how real the image appears to be. I am now in turmoil, torn between wanting to remove this print from the collection to frame it and wanting it to remain with the other prints. For now it will stay with the book, as the pieces are so strong together.


Overall I am so happy with my first item from The Bear Hug Company and as a I mentioned earlier I will definitely buying something else very soon. The Staghead print is still very appealing, however what really caught my eye was an item that is currently out of stock. Before Christmas, The Bear Hug Company was offering a Christmas Box which included a t-shirt, a beanie, an A3 print, a tote bag and five stickers, all for under fifty pounds! Also it’s now out of stock and has been discontinued, I will be revisiting the site in Winter 2016 to see whether this offer is back in place.

For now however, if you are thinking of buying some Bear Hug material of your own, I recommend you look at the ‘Deal of the Week’ section which often has some really good offers. In light of Leonardo Di Caprio’s recent release ‘The Revenant’, there is a special offer on the new Leo Bear design which includes a free A3 print, so get shopping!