Satiregram is an Instagram account that posts written descriptions of typical photographs seen on Instagram. These descriptions reference the trend of mainstream mass posting on Instagram, which produces images that often share very common themes. Even the profile picture of the account is an image that references what could be considered a typical profile image of a mainstream Instagram poster. The creator of this account also runs another account and there is a link to this in the profile description. The other account is also a comedic entertainment, type account, which features Drake lyrics over classic travel pictures featuring fog; the Drake lyrics over the pictures also reference fog in the words. This profile is a good example of an Instagram account that makes a critical comment on mainstream mass posting. What is really interesting about this post is that while it doesn’t feature the actual images, when I read the description it is very easy to picture posts I have seen on Instagram and images I have posted on Instagram. This account doesn’t have to feature the actual images, because the description make you realise how many images you have seen that match the description.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 17.45.09

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 17.45.39

Although I haven’t posted on Instagram about watching Game of Thrones, I have sent a Snapchat to my friends when I watched my first live episode of the series. If the lighting conditions were better and photographing the TV didn’t leave me with stripes from the frames changing, I probably would have posted on Instagram about it. Game of Thrones is a TV series that is enjoying by a mass international audience, therefore when the new series started again, of course there were bound to be many Instagram posts of viewers expressing their excitement.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 17.46.00

When Starbucks introduced their practice of asking the customer’s name to put on their cup, it started a whole Internet trend of people posting about misspelt names. A humorous activity is to go to Starbucks and give the staff a fake name or a particularly difficult name to spell, to see what they write on the cup, the evidence of which is posted on the Internet. This description also references the cafe culture trend on the Internet, which prompts users to post artistic pictures of their coffee perhaps to prove that they are part of the cultural phenomenon.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 17.46.20

This account features both short, succinct descriptions and lengthier ones that go into more detail, such as the one above. The satire really comes across in this post, as it takes the description one step further and details the exact process behind the image. This specific example refers to the relatively modern ritual of photographing the food you are going to eat and sharing it with the Internet. However in the excitement of photographing the food, the risk is that it goes cold before they can have a chance to eat it. In the attempt at creating the image of a perfect life with perfect food on Instagram, your actual life is less than perfect.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 17.47.25

This picture directly references the other account I have been looking at known as Sociality Barbie, which recreates these mainstream images but with the mass produced Barbie doll. The idea of authenticity and ‘living authentic’, whilst filling a social media account with these highly constructed and staged images seems flawed. Perhaps the people who are living truly authentic lives aren’t on social media at all. There seems to be a real sense of social pressure for those on social media, to create accounts that paint a picture of an amazing life. However this illusion takes a massive amount of free labour and time to achieve.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 17.48.22

This image also emphasises the important we have placed on social media as a society, with many probably prioritising posting social media over the other important commitments in their life such as work or their relationships. It also references the typical caption that mainstream posters often rely on, which is posting favourite song lyrics. These songs are usually from artist that would most likely be considered as mainstream, and perhaps in the music charts. For example I have seen quite a lot of posts with lyrics from and references to Beyonce’s new album Lemonade. There are lots of lemon and bee emojis being used, emoji coincidentally are also a recent phenomenon that has risen to popularity through the smartphone and social media.

Unlike Sociality Barbie, Satiregram hasn’t stopped posting and it still very much active. Therefore I can’t observe whether this account would work to debrief the users if and when they made the decision to end the account. For now it seems that the creator of Satiregram is continuing to post and getting inspired by mass popular culture and the new phenomenons it brings. However I can still take a lot of inspiration from this creative and critical account, as it engages with current cultural concepts in a very creative and effective way. Like the other accounts that I have looked at, this account isn’t aiming to tear down viewers and make them feel bad about themselves, rather it is aimed to make viewers acknowledge their own posting and identify where they have made the same images. It’s all about being able to picture and recognise these typical, classic images that are seen all the time on Instagram, because they are what is popular now.


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