Further Reading

I have split the resources saved to my laptop into two folders, one titled ‘Read’ and the other titled ‘Still to Read’, as the titles would suggest one folder is full of the resources I have already read and the other consists of resources I want to read in the future. Although I have completed a significant amount of reading in the build up to each coursework on the media research module, there is still a lot left to read. I have made screenshots of the resources I have already read, and those I am still to read with the idea of communicating which direction my research project will be moving into. Whilst I can’t summarise any ideas I have not read, I have certainly identified areas in which I must compete more reading in order to strengthen my research project.

Below are the resources in the ‘Still to Read’ folder.  Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 15.12.50Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 15.13.07

I have identified that I want to research more in the areas of:

  • Photography – in relation to identity, truth, authenticity
  • Identity – in relation to changing identity, identity formation, neoliberal identity
  • Neoliberalism – in relation to identity formation, self branding and commodification of identity
  • How the social media platform Instagram ties into all the above concepts

I have also considered that I need to read more about autoethnographic study, reflexivity and how to analyse the specific visual content I will be producing, as this is a fairly recent development.

These resources don’t contain the books that I also plan to read, as books and other resources will also contribute to the development of my research project. I wanted to show this list to indicate the foundations of my research project and where I want it to go, which will hopefully help my tutors identify which supervisor would be most appropriate for my research.


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