Media Research – Workshop One

For the first workshop of the media research module, I was asked to consider some important questions that would encourage me to consider who I am, what I’m interested in and how this will impact my choice of what to research. My responses to the questions were as follows:


Where did you grew up?

Gamlingay, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom


What is personally important to you?

Photography, being with my boyfriend, having the freedom to be slightly different from other people and not be persecuted for that, I want to help people


What is culturally important to you?

Equality and freedom to make a choice, protecting those who can’t make their voices be heard, getting justice for people who have lost their control on life


How will this shape the researcher you are going to be?

I think I will end up choosing a research topic that draws on the idea of freedom of choice and control whilst relating to my personal interest of images and digital culture. I really like the idea of my work in some way helping vulnerable people take control, if at the very least taking control on their knowledge of a subject


With this in mind we were asked to start thinking about what area we would like to research and develop our ideas and knowledge around it in order to produce our I, Researcher video. This video would be the basis for our research project as the essays in the media research module draw from the ideas expressed in the video. Therefore I needed to think carefully about what I wanted to do and make sure that I gave myself enough direction to be able to continue and develop the ideas through the media research module ready to completely my research project.


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