The Minute Men [possible spoilers]

The Minute Men are possibly the first organisation you come across in the world of Fallout 4, as one of the first story missions leads you to save Preston Garvey and get your first suit of power armour. Their ideology is that if people need help, the Minute Men will always come to their aid. However there are only a few members of the Minute Men left after a tragic event where the old leader General Becker was killed. In this new post-war world, their ethos still remains however there is an incentive to help people in the hope that they will in turn join the Minute Men. There are a number of missions you complete for the Minute Men, including challenges like taking back a castle from the Mirelurk Queen and smaller side missions which are mainly meant for you to discover and ally to different settlements across the Commonwealth. When you help the people of these different settlements, you will have access to their workshop and they pledge their allegiance to the Minute Men.


Preston Garvey


Preston Garvey is the first Minute Men character you meet, when you complete the first story mission after leaving the vault. You rescue Preston and his group of followers from the raiders and they travel to the settlement Sanctuary. After this mission Preston becomes available to be your companion and after he comes along with you on several missions, he tells you the history of the Minute Men and suggests that you become the new General as he thinks you have what it takes to be a leader. This comes with some perks, as you can summon the Minute Men to your aid at any point with the use of a flare gun and if you continue the Minute Men story missions you have the opportunity to get the General’s uniform, which offers a lot of protection from damage and radiation. Preston Garvey doesn’t make his opinion on the synthetic humans very clear, but later on in the story the Minute Men are summoned to protect a scientist that the Institute decide they want to take. This case demonstrates that the Minute Men want to stick up for the ‘little guy’ in the situation, protecting the people that might not be able to protect themselves. Whether they would still embody this ideology if a synthetic human called on their support, I don’t know but I would like to think that they would help any being in need.


Ronnie Shaw


Despite Preston believing he was the only other member of the Minute Men left, we meet Ronnie Shaw later on in the story. Not only is she a veteran member of the Minute Men but she was around long before General Becker. She makes it clear that your title is something you’re going to have to earn and isn’t completely friendly with you straight away, but that’s understandable. When you help Ronnie Shaw and a few other members of the Minute Men take back the Castle from the Mirelurk Queen, I got the impression that Ronnie is in charge of this settlement. This seems like an acceptable offering for her and she seems to approve of you from the moment you defeat the Mirelurks. Again, Ronnie Shaw’s opinion on synthetic humans is not made completely clear, the only concept we can be sure about is her dedication to the Minute Men.


Mama Murphy


Mama Murphy isn’t necessarily a member of the Minute Men, but she is in the group of people under Preston Garvey’s protection in the beginning story mission. She’s the character who tells you to go to Diamond City if you want to find out what happened to your missing son Shaun. Mama Murphy appears to have visions about the other characters and about the future, although you learn that these visions are induced by drugs so whether they are valid is not clear. Still as a player you might as well engage with her character to see what she has to say.




Similar with Mama Murphy, Sturges doesn’t appear to have an active role in the Minute Men as he appears to dedicate his time to making sure Sanctuary as a settlement is safe and in working order. When you are required to build the teleportation device, you are presented with a choice between the different organisations and Sturges appears to be the resident technology expert in the Minute Men organisation. It was Sturges I chose to help build the teleporter, as I wanted to try and keep a low profile about having an allegiance to the Railroad in the hope that it would mean I kept my cover for as long as possible. As far as I can see, it didn’t make that much of a difference compared to another player who chose the Railroad, but it was interesting to try. Sturges doesn’t make his views on synthetic humans known, he is just obliged to help you make the teleportation device because he is allied with the Minute Men.


The Minute Men seem like a set of decent people that are trying to make the post-war world a better place to live in. Protecting the settlers in the Commonwealth from the raiders, super mutants, gunners and ghouls is in my opinion, a very worthy cause, so I have completed lots of side missions in order to liberate settlements. I’ve noticed that after you stop discovering lots of new settlements, you end up defending the same settlements over and over, however you do get paid a sum of (bottle) caps each time, so if you’re running low on caps, it’s a good idea to complete these missions. In addition to this, for every mission you complete you get some more XP points, which go towards you levelling up. It is unclear what the Minute Men’s stance is on synthetic humans, but they jump at the chance of protecting a single scientist against the forces of the Institute. As this organisation is made up of lots of different people from the Commonwealth, the opinions on synths must be really varied. Some Minute Men members from the settles in the Commonwealth might have experienced the Institute kidnapping and replacing real people with synths, in which case I would expect their attitude towards synths to be adverse. If or when it comes to a battle against the Institute with the Railroad, I will use the Minute Men flares and see what side they fall on and how they react to the prospect of defending synths – so watch this space!


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