The Brotherhood of Steel [possible spoilers]

The Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) is one of the organisations operating in the world of Fallout 4 and there is an opportunity to join them in order to try and find your missing son Shaun. The BOS is military in nature with a strict system of ranking to which all the members must adhere to. There are a few main characters that you interact with as you start to find out about this organisation, each can offer you an incite into how the BOS operate and what their ideology is towards the other inhabitants of the Commonwealth.


Scribe Haylen


Scribe Haylen is part of the team operating under the control of Paladin Danse, she appears to be quite friendly however she does come out with some harder comments as if to try and establish a sense of toughness. If you choose to offer Paladin Danse help when you first meet him, you are introduced to both his team members at the Cambridge Police Station. When you have free time to look about the building you may find a holotape from Scribe Haylen. When played you hear Haylen questioning her place in the BOS, admitting she only joined initially for protection and that she doesn’t believe in the brutal ideology of the other members. Furthermore in conversation with Scribe Haylen, you have the chance to persuade her to talk about her attempted relationship with Knight Rhys. Haylen admits that she thought there was a mutual attraction there but that Knight Rhys valued the Brotherhood’s cause above all other aspects of his life, including romance. Scribe Haylen seems like a troubled character who has joined this organisation looking for the promise of safety, she appears to enjoy her work with technology but can’t help but question the overall ideology of the organisation.


Knight Rhys


Knight Rhys doesn’t make a good first impression, far from the idea of military personal being respectful and un-bias Rhys really seems to hate your character from the moment you meet him and doesn’t make any attempt to hide it. The reason Rhys does not like you becomes clear if you choose to join the Brotherhood of Steel as Paladin Danse promotes you to the rank of Knight straight away, going against the idea of working your way up the ranks, which Rhys would almost certainly have had to do. In addition to this, there is the knowledge that Rhys had to make a choice between love and the Brotherhood and chose the Brotherhood. Therefore seeing your character flitting up the ranks would doubtlessly question the system of the organisation he has effectively given everything up for. Despite these complications Knight Rhys appears to be the model for you to follow if you want to progress in the BOS, you must put your own agendas second to the Brotherhood’s cause in order to make the Commonwealth a better place.


Paladin Danse

Fallout 4 companion guide danse

Paladin Danse is in charge of Knight Rhys, Scribe Haylen and also your character if you choose to join the BOS. When you follow a military distress signal you come across Danse trying to fight off a pack of ghouls with other members of his team lying injured. If you help him defend Cambridge Police Station, Danse offers you to accompany him on some other missions and then eventually to join the Brotherhood. On a mission with Danse you find out his stance on synthetic humans (synths), Danse views synths as an abomination that needs to be destroyed. This might be because he mentions one of his team was previously killed by a synth, so it’s understandable why he bears a grudge. It becomes apparent then that the BOS’s objective is to eliminate the synths from the Commonwealth, and the Institute for making them regardless of whether the synths consider themselves to be independent beings or not. Still if you do join the Brotherhood, Paladin Danse personally vouches for you and you are immediately promoted to the rank of Knight, which grants you your own set of T-60 power armour. Despite his adverse view on synths, Danse appears to be a character that is free from conflict, just heavily dedicated to the cause of the BOS. If you as a player decide that you agree with his views, then he could prove to be a valuable companion, that is if you can bear to get rid of Dogmeat!


Elder Maxson


If you join the Brotherhood of Steel you accompany Paladin Danse onto the giant flying airship called the Prydwen. Once aboard this ship you are debriefed by Elder Maxson, who is the leader of this division of the BOS. His view on synths are very much the same as Paladin Danse, the synths are unnatural and therefore need to be destroyed as they could pose a threat to the Brotherhood and the population of the Commonwealth. As the BOS’s aim is to act in the interest of the Commonwealth, Elder Maxson makes it the Brotherhood’s responsibility to deal with the synths and the Institute. The intentions of the Brotherhood appear to be slightly more sinister than they first appear however when Maxson gives you the mission of persuading an Institute scientist to rejoin the BOS after an argument prompted to leave her post on a research project. Maxson admits in discussion that this project was developing some sort of nuclear weapon and that the scientist is the key for getting the project back on track again. Although the BOS appear to want to protect the people of the Commonwealth, it appears as though they may be creating weaponry that will just put them in danger all over again.


Once you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you are effectively pledging allegiance to their cause of eliminating the Institute. The mentality of this organisation appears to be quite brutal with their goal only to destroy all synths, not to try and understand the reasons behind their creation. Although they claim to be acting in the best interest of the Commonwealth, when talking to the settlements around the Commonwealth people don’t generally remember asking the BOS for their help. They can only remember the moment when the BOS airship appeared in the Commonwealth skies, making it seem like the BOS may acting with their own interests as a priority. Once your character infiltrates the institute the BOS will increasingly put pressure on you to destroy them from the inside, persuading scientists to leave and turning against the Institutes synths in battle. If you refuse to turn again the Institute, or hurt any other the BOS members as a result, you will become an enemy of the BOS and they will aim to eliminate you along with the Institute.

In my play through of the game I have joined all organisations: the Minutemen, the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel. This is partially because I want to see what the ideology of each organisation is, and also because I want to see how each of the missions can contribute to the overall storyline. What I have learned is that each of the organisations will ask you to choose them over the others, none of them want to work together because they appear to have conflicting aims. The Brotherhood of Steel, although a powerful organisation with access to lots of weaponry and technology, resists the idea that the synths themselves could be capable of living a life without violence. Having talked to some of the synths that are in the Railroad, I have acknowledged that even if they aren’t real humans, they are capable of expressing very humanistic concepts such as sarcasm, other forms of humour and even lying for the hell of it. Not something I would expect the Institute to program unless they were attempting to create artificial life, not human weapons. I believe that the synths could integrate in society as individual human beings, away from the controlling hand of the Institute. For this reason, if I am forced to make a choice I think I will not be siding with the Brotherhood of Steel, so I can only hope I have enough armour and weapons to keep myself safe from them when I do break ties!


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