Coursework – Sequencing and Presentation

With the final ten images selected, the mode of presentation and the sequencing was to follow. The coursework brief doesn’t state that a physical object is needed, so a digital set of images would have been accepted, however when it comes to building a project, I think it’s important to follow the nature of the project and let it develop in the way that is right. Although I can’t perhaps complete a project to the best of it’s abilities due to the time period and my own personal budget, if it would work best as a physical object, that’s where I will want to take it. I started thinking of ideas of how this project would work best to be presented, immediately I started thinking that a project related to a digital process would most likely work when presented digitally. However I then started thinking about the process of Instagram itself, when all the images are structured together on the social media site, they are much easier to understand. What would happen if you took the images out of the structure and presented them as a collection with no fixed sequence, no fixed order or way to view the images? Would they still be read in the same way? Is it the images that show who we are on social media, or does the structure of Instagram, seeing a collective mass of images on a profile, attribute to the process of self representation online. This idea of taking away the structure is something I wanted to take forward through the mode of presentation.

In addition to the images I have been considering the relationship with text and how important this relationship is on social media. Although Instagram is an image-based social media, the role of the supporting captions and hashtags are very important in how the image is received and in controlling who can see it. A user can encourage more views by adding in hashtags to make the image searchable, or they could choose to just post a caption and leave the image to be found by users who follow them directly. As a result of this I have chosen to use captions alongside my images, these will be existing as prints separate from the images themselves, but they aren’t included in the count of final images as these are effectively the captions that might be displayed below a set of images in an exhibition. I now needed a method to display these images and captions effectively, one that was without a set structure and layout. For this, I decided to literally present a series of loose prints, with which the viewer would have to examine them and then place them in a way that they feel the images are meant to be. The way in which each viewer chooses to engage with the project would be interesting in itself as it will greatly affect the overall meaning. I would envisage people getting the prints and laying them out on the table, matching the captions with the different images. This would mean they have an active role in viewing the images and therefore they are more likely to try and grasp a meaning from the series of images, trying to build up a picture of what this series describes and who the person is.

As the images are not going to be in a fixed order, they don’t need sequencing as this will be the role assumed by the viewer. The way in each they are given to the viewer however needs to be a little bit more than just some loose prints. I wanted to present them in a box so that not only would be the prints be kept safer, but the viewer has more of an experience, opening the box and seeing the mystery inside. This method of presentation has also shaped the size of the prints, as the images are meant to be a representation of the self, I believe this to be quite an intimate concept. An intimate way to present images is to print them quite small, so the viewer has this precious object in their hands. This also means that I can present them in quite a small box, which means the project has this essence of portability; reflecting the portability of social media, giving the user the convenience of posting anywhere. The box also plays into the metaphor of social media, the concept of self representation is so intimate, but social media opens the box and suddenly this intimate concept can become available to and seen by the whole world.

The final presentation can be seen below:




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