Film Photography

The Photography and Media timetable was changed slightly after suggestions from the students to do film photography. This would enable some of the other students who hadn’t come from a background of photography and therefore hadn’t done film photography before either. Trying film photography is really beneficial because it really teaches you how to work your camera using a manual mode, figuring out what shutter speed and aperture is essential because film is much less forgiving than shooting RAW on a digital camera. So we all booked out 35mm film cameras and were given a roll of film to try shooting, we were also given a brief of different things to photography, which would make us experiment with our settings such as shooting from above your head, shooting textures and shooting in the shadows. One we had photographed and used up the roll of film in our camera, we processed the rolls of film and had a session printing out the images in the dark room.

Image One


This image was taken as part of the brief, we had to shoot one image from up high, so I chose to shoot Coventry from the roof terrace of the Hub. I really liked the view here with the tall buildings rising from the trees, it reminded me of the first project I did at university which was showing how nature and urban structures coexist in spaces like Coventry. This convergence was to represent me coming to Coventry from my home in a rural location, the images showed nature and urban elements coming together. This image looks much better in print as you can see the details of the trees however I am very happy with it. I tried to expose it so that the lighter clouds wouldn’t be completely over exposed, which means it’s harder to see the details of the trees. However if I spent more time printing the image I could begin dodging and burning to bring certain aspects of the image out further.


Image Two


This image was taken to try and record a texture, I thought it would be really interesting to focus on the fence to get the texture and shape of it, whilst having the background blurred. This image turned out to be really effective because of the composition, the shapes in the background provide a really interesting image and gives the background depth, the shape of the fence adds another element to the image, which could be considered as metaphorical if you start thinking about how it provides a visual barrier.


Image Three


This last image was the brief where we had to take a self portrait, I really wanted to be in control of the camera and the focus with this self portrait, so I decided to shoot my reflection in the window. I kept the camera in front of my face because I liked being identified as a photographer in my self portrait, this image demonstrates part of my personality and what I enjoy to do. I tried to make the background as varied as possible with different lines and shapes so that my figure might not be the first or last thing the viewer considers in the image.


Double Exposures

Extending the film photography there was a session on making double exposures using film cameras, although this is a process that is so easy using digital editing programs it is slightly harder using analogue cameras. Layering images is a process that can be really effective and it could become really useful for my project about the self. Using layering could enable me to show different sides of my personality if I wanted to depict my figure in the images I am going to create. It could always work to show that I have behaviours for different social situations, and a way I talk and engage with different people, because not all everyone shares in all of my interests. Double exposures is definitely something I will consider when approaching my project now and when I am approaching projects in the future, I will as well remember that it is just as achievable to produce this using the camera rather than digital editing software.

20151125_095151 20151125_095122


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