Make Me Laugh


If the first exercise limited you to a particular camera angle and restricted you to within 100m of a familiar environment this new exercise gives you the freedom to roam the city and to choose any camera angle that you wish.

Working within this freedom, you need to take six pictures that have the ability to make your audience laugh. The six pictures should take on a humorous, comical and funny approach and should be photographs which would make someone laugh if they viewed them.

Use the skills which you have developed in the first exercise to think of how interesting angles can aid you but also think about location; timing and the compositional points discussed in the session and reading.

From your six pictures choose your best three and post them on your blog. Add an explanation about what you feel you have achieved.



Lost Control

The Day I Lost Control


I Love You A-Latte

A Salt

A-Salt With A Deadly Weapon

When I came away from this lecture, I really thought about what I could do to make funny pictures and what I would be able to achieve in the time frame. Unfortunately in the time between now and the next session I was going to be travelling a lot and therefore couldn’t plan to roam around a certain location, or designate a certain lot of time to trying to get a picture that was dependant on timing. I therefore chose to make images on the humour that I find really amusing and that’s the bad, silly pun. The sort of joke you get in a Christmas cracker which makes you laugh even if you really don’t think you should have done. These revolve around play-on-words and linking the content between the title and the image to allow the viewer to see the link between the two. I made pictures around some puns which I found quite funny, then chose the three which I found to be the most effective in terms of the aesthetic. I feel I achieved a set of images which are quite humorous, however what is more important is the fact I have created a set of images which are heavily reliant on the title being present to allow the audience to interpret the images correctly. If the images didn’t have the titles then I don’t believe they would be as effective, or funny at all because there would be a massive lack of understanding. Although I would have loved to create some images that are completely reliant on timing and location, I feel really pleased with the pictures I’ve created as they take some effort to interpret and understand, but not too much as to become riddles, not jokes.


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