Tutorial with Jonathan Shaw

Caroline Malloy identified in our initial tutorial that Jonathan Shaw would be the perfect person to meet and get support from in relation to my Final Major Project because of his work with the Disruptive Media Learning Lab and the publishing of his book New Fotoscapes. I arranged a meeting with him over email and took with me the proposal I had written previously, my meeting with him was before Emma Critchely and David Rule’s tutorials so I was still quite basic in my ideas and research. He gave me a wealth of avenues to research:

  • Research Heather Corcoran from Rhizone
  • The BOM Lab have several open days coming up – make sure you attend them
  • Research Fact in Liverpool and their activity
  • The Pervasive Media Lab in Bristol
  • Eyebeam – research this for artists that combine photography and technology
  • Festivals like Ars electronica
  • V2 lab in Amsterdam, research and development in media technology, an institute for unstable media
  • For biology and technology research Jonnna Zylinska (Goldsmiths University)
  • Also consider Sarah Kember
  • Lev Manovich – New Media Tech, The Practice of Everyday Media Life, talks about technology and digital photography
  • Research Katrina Sluice
  • Look at the Liquid books (which are wikis) and the living books which are essentially wikis but more customized
  • Digitize Me by Gary Hall – and his book Digitize This Book!

In terms of my project, most of these research topics were related to the production and curation of the final piece with some examples of what I could create. Sarah Kember is a recurring name so I was very glad I had taken out a book by her and Joanna Zylinska as it confirmed that I was researching in the right area. I am particularly interested in the BOM Lab in Birmingham having heard information about what they do in the GRAIN State of Photography Symposium. I will definitely be attending one of their open days and possibly talking to those involved to see if I can get my project involved in their activities.


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