Phonar Stories

Our task from the previous week was to tell a story that we hadn’t told anyone before, this could be written, recorded or simply spoken from memory on the day. Today we listened to those stories and Jonathan Worth asked us to consider each story we had heard and write a response. The identity of the story and the author would be kept a secret as it is not my information to give however I can comment and perhaps critique on it.

I heard a vast variety of stories today, some light-hearted and some extremely personal however no matter what the content I want to congratulate and commend everyone for sharing something as the sharing is what is scary. There was a story of bravery, a story of personal acceptance and an incredibly well-written poem but the one story that stood out for me was told through an audio clip. This story must have been extremely hard to tell so I commend its author for their bravery and courage to share this with the class as they didn’t have to. Beginning the story was a fact referencing the rate at which the cells in the body replace themselves over time, this immediately caught the interest of the listener and entice them to listen. The story was not meant to attract pity and certainly wasn’t written that way mostly built up of empowering statements however it also followed a timeline so the listener could track the progression of events. The strong authority of the voice in the recording demanded attention which is reflective of the way that this story deserves attention. But the most effective part for me was the repetition of the fact about replacing cells at the end however it was repeated and applied to the content of the story making it an extremely powerful ending. Overall I think the story was narrated extremely well in terms of writing style and I will always admire the courage of the writer for offering it to the group.


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